014 – “The Gift of Sight & Sound”

014 – “The Gift of Sight & Sound”

The boys cover a whole range of topics, including DJ’ing, Production Value, the Importance of taking breaks and also some other life issues.

For those of you that may have noticed on your own, the latest episode of our podcast has been re-edited and re-uploaded…

Unfortunately after airing, some of our listeners got in touch to point out some factual inaccuracies on some of the more sensitive / controversial issues that were discussed between us. We were of course incredibly embarrassed by this and insist on not only apologising for our carelessness, but removing anything that was inaccurate.

Because of this, we have re-edited the episode in order to reflect a more professional manner. It was never our intention to upset anyone and in light of this happening, we are certainly going to make a much better effort to both research and edit properly going forward.

Again, we’re truly sorry and hope that nobody was too upset, and that you’ll continue to listen to and love the show.

~ Jack.

Jack Perry
Jack Perry
Junglist, musician of sorts. Owner of Bay 6.

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