010 – “No Dameon! No Sax!”

010 – “No Dameon! No Sax!”

New and improved! After some initial technical difficulties, we managed to get the show up and running. Funnies, seriousness and lots in between; enjoy!

Jack’s fun fact;

“At about 2:58 of the song Hey Jude, by the Beatles, McCartney can be heard to say, “Oh, fucking hell!”
Link :: https://youtu.be/FhXU8c8qwXs?t=176

Artist Spotlight;

Karan – Ekcle – https://soundcloud.com/ekclemusic
Jack – Ricky Force – https://soundcloud.com/rickyforce
Dameon – Subsid – https://soundcloud.com/djsubsid

Choon of the month;

Karan – Ekcle – Crafted In Ice – https://soundcloud.com/ekclemusic/crafted-in-ice-yoja-ep
Jack – Dave Owen, Calculon and Jaybee – Comfort Zone – https://soundcloud.com/silentdust/dave-owen-calculon-and-jaybee-comfort-zone
Dameon – Subsid – Free From Your Spell-  https://youtu.be/Fdnd2ZpY-ZI


Club Amen, Karma Kingdom, Oscity, Emplate, D Surr, Hex, Liquid Lounge, Deconstructed Recordings.


Remember folks, you can send us any and all material you’d like us to read and listen to at Podcast@bay6recordings.com



Jack Perry
Jack Perry
Junglist, musician of sorts. Owner of Bay 6.

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