Marcus Tee – The Big Smoke EP [Boey Audio]

Marcus Tee – The Big Smoke EP [Boey Audio]

If you’ve followed Bay 6 for a while now, then you’ll know that we’ve always been a big fan of Marcus Tee’s signature style of Funk-influenced Drum & Bass music. The Big Smoke EP is not only a showcase of what happens when you combine the very best elements of Funk, Jungle, Soul and Drum & Bass, but it’s also completely free! He sure knows how to treat his fans!

The title track leads in beautifully with haunting pads, chords and vocals, only to hit home hard with tight, grooving percussion and a bass-line that to myself, is just heaven. In fact, you’ll find funky bass like this a common element in a lot of Mr Tee’s music.


Track 2, ‘Transmission’, is more of a nod to the old-school side of Drum & Bass music. Yet another perfectly executed piece of drum and bass music, reminiscent of old Jungle tunes. The breaks and drum work in this tune are sure to be a hit with you if you like yourself a good old drum break. 

The EP rounds off with a remix from K-I & P-Dee of ‘Transmission’ – a slightly darker, less break-influenced take on the track, nevertheless a winner in my eyes.

You can grab the EP completely free from Boey Audio, here;

Marcus Tee – The Big Smoke EP

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Jack Perry
Jack Perry
Junglist, musician of sorts. Owner of Bay 6.


  1. Marcus Tee says:

    Thank you very much for your support and kind words!

  2. Boey Audio says:

    Glad you liking the EP 🙂
    Thanks for supporting !

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