We’re live!

We’re live!

Welcome to our brand new website!

We feel like a new website with practical features has been long overdue as we progress as a label, so we set aside some time and, well, here we are! A huge thank you to Aaron from Silent Audio for building this magnificent site for us, he really has done an amazing job! So, now you’re here, take a look around, check out the new features and don’t forget to stop by the store đŸ˜‰

With the new website now under our belt, we can focus on more exciting new things for 2016. A podcast, more merchandise items, physical music are just a few things that are on our plan for the coming year! To be the first to hear about all of our new endeavours, be sure to sign up to our newsletter, which can be found below!

Thanks for your support as always,


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Jack Perry
Jack Perry
Junglist, musician of sorts. Owner of Bay 6.

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